Monday, January 5, 2009

2008: Not All Bad

As I sit here on my couch and reflect on the year that passed, I realize I was a bit of a grump as Aught Eight wound down. I was focusing on the bad stuff, but then I remembered that there were some good things last year too.

For example:

Amber finally moved back to town. I could finally unravel that quilt from my loom.

I saw the most beautiful thing ever.

David and I went to Alligator Island.

Colleen got married.

I went to Governor's Island.

My sister got knocked up and my parents got drunk.

I discovered Bones, and I learned about Henry the Ennui Cat.

Sarah and I went to the Cape, and we played Badminton.

We had a road trip to the Hamptons.

Seth visited from Iceland.

I became an Uncle - first to Karen's baby then to my sister's.

I went to San Francisco to see Sarah, and David and I road-tripped to Montreal.

So, not as bad as I had thought. Let's see what you got, 2009!

(Remember the TV writer's strike in the 80s? When all the characters would sit around the kitchen table and reminisce about all the good times they had the previous season, so they didn't have to come up with new material? I loved those episodes)

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