Friday, January 9, 2009


Boy howdy, did I send oh-eight off in the Gay Style. Within the span of a week, I saw both Liza! At The Palace and Patti! Lupone in Gypsy. I can now check off these living legends from my To See list.

Fortunately for you, gentle readers, you can save yourself some Benjamins and just see them here!

Here's Ms. M on the Muppet Show, doing one of my favorite songs. About half-way through you realize it's a bit of a dark song for the kiddies, but eh, they'll turn out OK.

And try as I might, I can't find anything better from Ms. LuPone than this here clip, which I first posted about a year ago. It really just shivers me timbers every time.

Thanks, Ladies.


Tinsel Shrimpfax said...

I wish Liza had been all fantsy-pants like that when we saw her...

Brian said...

Real like a down and silence. Oh God I never get bored of it.