Tuesday, January 27, 2009

iToss, iTurn, iTunes

So last night I bailed on my plans and stayed indoors, attempting to beat this stupid cold and to recover from a bit of yelling in the office at the end of my day. I watched the first half of a Doris Day movie that curiously starred Shirley MacLaine and Dean Martin.

It was a very traditional Doris Day mistaken identity sex farce, but as much as I like my personal friend Miss MacLaine, I didn't connect with the movie and turned it off.

And THEN, I tried going to bed but I tossed, I turned, I tossed some more, eventually falling asleep after what seemed like hours.

Before I went to bed I noticed that my alarm clock was missing. I have a feeling a certain pussycat thought it was a toy and hid it on me, I'm sure I'll find it under the stove one day. So I set the alarm on my cell phone for my regular time. My iPod alarm is set for the same time every day, for a random shuffle of music to help me wake up.

Lo! Cell Phone alarms do not have Snooze features!

For about an hour I snoozed while my studio apartment was filled with songs. I had listened to, among other things:

Blondie - "Last Contact in Red Square"

Bette Midler - "Stay With Me Baby"

Dionne Warwick - "Do You Know The Way To San Jose"

R.E.M. - "What's The Frequency Kenneth"

Evita Soundtrack - "Waltz With Eva & Che"

To what song did I eventually fully wake up? I wish I could claim synchronicity and say Miss Day's "Sentimental Journey" or even a MacLaine song from Sweet Charity, but I can't. It was the relatively mundane, yet pretty, "Daniel" by Sir Elton John.

Anyway, here's a great scene from Sweet Charity, with MacLaine, Chita Rivera, and Paula Kelly, which I will take as the theme for my day at work in the Yelling Factory. There's GOT to be something better than this.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the yelling that was All My Fault.


CRD said...

I totally threw you under the bus too. "Anonymous made me do it!"

Anonymous said...