Monday, January 26, 2009

Goonies ARE Good Enuf

Wow, thank you, New York Daily News, for this feature here.

I mean, we all know what Sean Astin and Martha Plimpton have been up to lately. Or I think we do - Astin in the Lords Of the Ring, and Plimpton on Broadway, most recently in Pal Joey with Miss Stockard Channing.

But even though I spontaneously saw Milk recently, I didn't connect that Dan White was played by Brand Walsh. Method!

Did YOU know that Chunk is now an entertainment lawyer in LA?


Data is now a stunt choreographer, most recently with the X-Men franchise. The man who played his pop, who couldn't get his camera open, is now Lt. Tao on my favorite cop show, The Closer. Oh! And Lupe, the housekeeper? She played Gabby's mom on Desperate Housewives a few years back.

I had no idea that the man who played Sloth was really a footballer, nor that he sadly died a few years ago.

But really, my favorite grown-up from the movie was Mama Frateli, aka Anne Ramsey. She wasn't just my fave because she was in the Shelley Winters role, but that helped. (Can you imagine a Goonies made in the early 70s? With little Jodie Foster in the Andy Carmichael role and Winters as Mama F?).

She also played the titular (hee hee) character in Throw Mama From The Train, and she pops up very regularly in the old programs I frequent - I've seen her on Charlie's Angels, on the TV movie pilot for Murder, She Wrote, Wonder Woman, Laverne, & Shirley, you name it. She went to Heaven back in 1988, but she'll live on forever in our hearts. And our old programs.

Thanks for the memories, Mama Fratelli.

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