Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cats Is The Best Medicine

Wintry Mix!

You know those days when nothing makes you cheerful except Kitty Pictures? Well, just in case today is another stinker, this is for me!

I was recently sent a picture entitled "Baby's First Snow." Before Zach met me, he lived in a different city in an apartment with a balcony. Here's photographic evidence of his first encounter with the stuff:

He's older now, yet still full of mystery and wonder, and peas and vinegar sometimes.

For example, can someone please explain to me how this cutie beast

can turn into this beast, within just seconds?

Either way, he's a furr bucket of love.

Anyway, Zach has taken a little sojourn from my place, but I received this picture of him from his travels. His caption was "all tied up!" He's such a funny monkey.

Have fun, little boy!

With this, I'm off to work through the wintry mix.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on capturing rare photographic evidence of crazy head. No mean feat.

ALH said...

I am also really, really impressed! That is some awesome crazy head picture.

ALH said...

I looked down in the snow and there was only one set of kitty prints... that was because I was riding Zach like a horse with a little kitty saddle.

Anonymous said...

OMG, those kitty snow prints are the cutest thing ever.

- dd