Thursday, January 15, 2009

Murder, Amish Style

So last night I had some chums over for over-priced treacherous burritos and programs. What else is knew, you say?

Well, one thing that was new is that after we watched Honey West we put on a Murder, She Wrote.

Oh, what's NEW, you say? What's new is that on this particular Murder, She Wrote, Jessica was in Amish Country (which looked suspiciously like southern California). And then, there was a MURDER! One of the Amish killed another one...pitchfork style! Mrs. Fletcher got to the bottom of it (and no, it was not her wrongly-accused friend, nor was it frequent guest-star Gwendolyn Pierce).

Now, this reminded me very much of Violent Saturday, a lovely little Victor Mature/Lee Marvin movie I saw with some chums a few months back. The humdinger of Violent Saturday is that Ernest Borgnine plays an Amish fellow, who gets caught up between some bank robbers. True to its name, this movie is Violent, and takes place on a Saturday. And true to murder in the Amish-fashion, Ernie has to protect his family the only way he knows how...pitchfork-style!

And so - spoiler alert - here's a rather gripping scene from Violent Saturday. Enjoy!

In Kevin's immortal words: God Bless, Lee Marvin.


Anonymous said...

What a cast! God bless Hulu.

ALH said...

That burrito sure gave me Violent Wendesday.