Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great Lake

Over the long weekend I re-watched Sullivan's Travels, one of my favorite movies. It's by Preston Sturges, and has some of his trademarks - high quality banter (BANTER!), some slapstick moments, and, of course, a dame.

This dame in question is Miss Veronica Lake. She was born, of course, Constance Frances Marie Ockelman, and at her full height was only 4' 11 1/2".

Miss Lake is lovely, and wears her trademark "peek-a-boo bangs." I first heard of Veronica Lake as a very little boy. When I would go and stay with my Nana she was always doodling, usually on the TV guide. She most often drew faces, and the face she drew MOST often was Veronica Lake's. I think she did this because it was easy - you'd have one eye and a mouth and then just drew a lock of hair over the other eye and you were done - no need to worry about symmetry!

Nana also told me how during The War Miss Lake had to change her hairstyle, because too many Rosie The Riveters were mimicking her and getting their bangs caught in the machinery. Despite the fact that I regularly forget my locker combination and get confused about the cross street for my local grocery store, this nugget stays in my head.

In the recent spirit of All Things America, here's Veronica Lake's Public Service Announcement for how ladies should not wear their hair in front of their eyes while making bombs.

Thanks, Veronica!

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ALH said...

Kevin will probably point out that you could have used the tag The Past on this one.

That is me predicting the future.