Friday, January 23, 2009

If You Seek A... Silly Town Name, Ask A Foreigner

I get the giggles. It's no secret.

If someone says the letter P two times in a row, I giggle. When I worked at a publisher that made A. L. Milne books, and we published Pooh Is Missing, A Hard Day For Pooh, Pooh's First Christmas, I would giggle in meetings. Some ice creams make me giggle. When I had a business meeting with Costco and they discussed "false bottoms" as a marketing tool, I giggled. You know what? That's OK with me.

But this article that Kevin sent last night had me ROARING with my morning coffee today. It combined some of my favorite topics - Giggle-worthy words and Foreigners. I've already blogged about Foreigners and how they don't know what to call movies, but I had no idea they didn't know what to call towns and streets!

I mean, British people are the worst of all. "Fanny" and "bum" mean their opposites there, and 'pinching a baby' means to steal it from a shopping mall. But I had no idea they lived in such silly places!

I mean, what if you lived in Crapstone? Or Penistone (pronounced "PENNIS-tun, yeah right)? Crotch Crescent, Titty Ho, Slutshole Lane, or Thong?

There's even one address that rivals Britney Spears' latest ditty / controversy, "4 Corfe Close." You have to say that real fast and think dirty thoughts.

I dunno, Foreigners. You just keep this up, we like being Amused here.

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ALH said...

Good use of illustrative maps.

I don't get "4 Corfe Close."