Wednesday, May 20, 2009

States of Grace

Last night David said, "Your blog is useful for remembering diva's birthdays and looking at kitty cats." Well, bring it!

I don't know what it is about Miss Grace Jones that is so mesmerizing, but since yesterday was her 57th Birthday, why not celebrate her?

She was both one of the first and the last of the 1970s / 1980s cartoon character pop stars - there's been no one in the past 20 years to match Jones/Bowie/Madonna/Jackson/Prince in their singularity. But, I digress.

She just had a new album out last year, which David I listened to on the way up to Montreal for our Karaoke Vacation. It was pretty dang good - almost as if it was made sometime in the 70s then lost then just showed up again - kinda like Grace herself.

Right after that, when I was in San Francisco, Sarah and I watched A View To A Kill, starring Ms Jones and another cartoon character, Christopher Walken. A few days later, I saw Casino Royale, Part 2 with the whole sick crew, and among my other gripes, the Bond women weren't so interesting. I mean, sure, they sprayed a tan on that Russian lady and pretended she was Bolivian, and she was hot and all, but no May Day.

She's still pretty impressive these days, as the pictures above from this here fan site prove. Designers sure like to dress her up sexy elder style.

I have to say, her voice is something that everyone underestimates. Here she is with Pavarotti, holding her own not only against him but against the toilet bowl she's wearing on her head.

And here's the new song, Hurricane, which I sometimes sing to Zach:

Thanks for all the good times, Grace!

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