Thursday, May 14, 2009

In 2039, It'll Be All Mine!

Here are some exciting things to look at.

For example, the most expensive keys I have ever bought. As of today, I own 25% of them. In 30 years, I'll have paid off the bank and will own the rest!

After signing my name to one million documents, some chums accompanied me to my new place (after we ate hot dogs) for Champagne Celebration & Moving In Dreams.

Here we see me sitting where the couch will go, for maximum program watching. Wait, what's that behind me? Oh, A SEPARATE ROOM FOR THE BED TO GO IN. In real estate terms, we call this a "bedroom."

Kevin is posing with the fireplace and the kitchen island. I'm sure going to get nice stools to go with the island, so people can sit and watch me cook all my stews.

Here you can see Amber posing with the fireplace. The space behind her right shoulder is where the Programs will go.

Also? You can imagine my surprise when Amber pointed out you can see the Empire State Building from my living room.

I sure am happy to have such a new apartment, and friends to fill it up with.


Nick said...

That place looks spacious and welcoming, but I have a question. If you just bought it, what is it that is plugged in behind you? Did the previous owners leave a blender?

CRD said...

She left a stew pot! With percolating stew in it!

Truly, she did leave some nice things behind, which Kevin found for me. I'll take pictures of those asap.

ALH said...

I cannot wait for all of the good times to begin. Move the couch and programs in there ASAP.

ddb said...

This is so exciting! Hooray for you! I just went through the studio -> one bedroom thing myself. A separate bedroom is a more dignified way of living, I think. I used to not want to invite people over to my studio that would be like "Hi, come in, welcome, welcome, there's kitty, LOOK, IT'S MY BED!" Kind of awkward.


DB! said...

And what is that building partially blocking your view of the Empire State? My building - 300 West 23rd! Wahhahaa.

ALH said...

CRD is my fave Home O.

ALH said...


Jesse Whittle-Utter said...

Congrats, I had no idea. I am very proud.