Monday, May 4, 2009

Stuffs Like That There

Here's some more things I found when sorting what to pack and what to toss. Two-thirds of these items are moving to my new home.

First off, here's my Senior Thesis. If I recall correctly, it was entitled Creating Pandora's Box: Modern Science's Creation of Sexuality, and I received honors for it.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure the technology is still there for us to read it. If I cared enough, could I still access this? If I can, would anyone like a copy?

Ah, fun times. Once, Amber and I went to the John Fluevog Sample Sale, and she convinced me to buy these babies.

Granted, they were only $20. And if I ever date a Knicks, I'll need them.

Here we have what I'm guessing is about $20 worth - or one pair of John Fluevog Man Pumps - of defunct currencies. In here I see Francs, Guilder, Deustchmarks, and Pesetas.

Maybe this would make a nice base for a planter?

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Kevin said...

So many diskettes! How long was that thesis anyway?