Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello Again, Dolly!

This weekend brought even MORE packing.

I have now used up all the Fresh Direct boxes that have been re-gifted to me - 28 in total. Things look good too; I probably only need another five or six boxes to pull everything together, and the move is at least a week or two away.

Here's some more stuff I've found while choosing what to save and what to toss. If you know me at all, it won't surprise you that Dollywood is one of the places I've been to in my life.

Here's me at that grand place, in 1995:

That's easy to save, it's just a picture.

Save or not: 51 Dolly Parton Playing Cards? (save)

Save or not: Dolly Parton change purse? (Save).

I actually saved the change purse once before. In 1996 I was in Barcelona, traveling by myself. I was mugged by two rather bumbling teens with a flimsy, yet still scary, knife. They took my credit card, my cash, and my cigarettes. I actually asked them to give me back the purse, in my best broken Spanish. They did. I think this deserves space in one of the boxes. Gracias, Ladrones!

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Kevin said...

Save the cards inside the purse!