Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Me Times Three, For You To See

More items from the Pack Or Not Pack Debate.

Here's a horrible passport photo I ended up not using. Was it worth the extra $11 for new photos so I didn't have to stare at this for 10 years? Yes, yes it was.

Here's me smooching Stuart Little. I saw a screening of this movie with Gary shortly after college, and they had all sorts of giveaways for us, including these pics. Geena Davis was there to introduce the movie. She had just lost out in the 1998 Olympic Trials for Archery. Sorry Geena.

And finally, here's my college ID, which oddly enough had my SSN printed on it. They took these photos on moving in day, so I'm wearing a ponytail and am suitably flustered. Speaking of Gary, he used this as a fake ID while I was in Amsterdam. Sunrise, Sunset.

Lord only knows what else I'll stumble across as I pack.

1 comment:

Jesse Whittle-Utter said...

You sure don't like looking at the camera!

P.S. you evidently haven't aged in 13 years. What IS your secret? Hair creme?