Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thanks You For Being A Friend

Wow. This blog is awesome. It's all pictures of different animal buddies.

Some are famous, like Owen and Mzee, who found each other after the Tsunami.

Some are about Big And Small pairings, notably these of kitty cats and their chums:

Here's Monkey & Pooch:

Two of Amber's buddies, Hedgie & Squirrel Nutkin:

I like this one of Pooch & Puss:

This is probably my favorite, of the Kitty & His Buddy.

As for my own collection, I think Zach's relationship with his BFF, Alligator, has been well-documented on these pages. In this shot, they appear to be watching the same fascinating program:

And here's one of him recently with a Monkey Hop-On.

Friendship is a beautiful thing. Thanks, Internet!

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