Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comics, Cons, & Good Times

If you were looking for me on Saturday, you could have found me at the Javits Center, at...COMIC CON. Comic Con used to have a "nerds & trekkies" stigma, but now it's super cool to go, and it makes you nifty.

Here are some of the friends I met along the way.

I saw this cool toy of Hawkgirl, perhaps my favorite member of the Justice League:

I met this Cylon buddy, who is in this new program called "Battlestar Fantastico" which I just discovered and am teaching Amber all about.

I saw this Albino Batman, which reminded me of the Albino Alligator that Sarah I and saw in San Francisco.

This toy was perhaps my favorite. They didn't have a doll for Six Million Dollar Man, but they did for Six Million Dollar Man's Boss. How disappointed would you have been in 1978 to find this under the Christmas tree?

My favorite part? Well, it might be meeting this person, whom I was only 80% sure was a drag queen. She was in a weird space suit with a fish tank on her head, and had a long line of people waiting to meet her. Maybe she's famous? I dunno, but it was nice times anyway.

Thanks for the memories, Comic Con!


Anonymous said...

I think that Batman was made out of marzipan! Did you lick it?

CRD said...

Ooh, I wish I had! I wonder what flavor it would have been? Bat-flavor?