Monday, February 23, 2009

A Rather Confusing Day

So on Saturday, Amber and I watched On Moonlight Bay, a rather non-sensical Doris Day musical set in 1918. We didn't understand it one bit.

At first, it seemed to be about a tomboy who gets spanked by her next door neighbor for shooting him with a gun. But then, she quickly becomes a lady and falls for him, then we realize he is a Communist and her father doesn't like him. Then, he signs up for The War.

I still don't get it. The box sure didn't prepare us, nor did Amber's $80k Film Degree.

Here's a sequence we particularly liked. Doris' little brother goes to the movies and sees this anti-booze propaganda film. Of course, after this he starts a rumor in town that his own dad beats the family, but somehow that's OK.

Anyway, thanks Doris.

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