Thursday, February 5, 2009

Deads Ringer!

Boy howdy. Yesterday at work I sure was a Crankypants, with hatred in my soul for everyone. Well, almost everyone. But still, too much hatred to blog even!

Today though, I'm determined to be in a good mood. Why?

Well, because this very evening I have two good chums coming over for Bette Davis Club. We're going to watch one of my favorites, Dead Ringers (1964), starring Bette Davis and Bette Davis. I *love* Bette Davis movies where she plays twins - there's just twice as much of her to enjoy! I might like A Stolen Life (1946), also starring Bette Davis and Bette Davis, even more than this one, but this one is out on DVD so it wins. In both cases, things don't turn out so good for one of the twins.

Some buddy over on Amber's favorite website,, even does Dead Ringer related crafts!

Here's a sneak peak of tonight's showing!

Bette Davis is a dead ringer for...Bette Davis! Fun times ahead!


ALH said...

Wait. I thought you meant the DEAD RINGERS with the twin gynecologists and the scary lady parts and grossness. That's not this movie, right?

Anonymous said...

That movie has Jeremy Irons in it, who is a dead ringer for Klaus von Bulow.

CRD said...

Oh my Gods no, not that horrible one with the triple-cervix. This is the one that has Peter Lawford in it, who is a dead ringer for Peter Lawford.