Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CRD & Poo Teens

Oh hai. It's me ALH. I iz guest blogging in your Internals Plural.

CRD is, I hope, wrapping up his adventurous journey to the Canadian Book Fair. I hope he used the $1 I gave him to buy some good reading and didn't waste it on a kazoo or save it to buy a grape soda at Royal Pizza on the walk home. From Canada.

While visiting the country to our north, I hope CRD has had some opportunities to sample the local cuisine. Canada has some really delicious native fair-- from the "Piment Infernal: Sweet Chili Heat" Brand Doritos aforementioned, to Canadian "bacon" which is Canadian for "ham," to Poutine, the National Dish of Canada.

For those of you not familiar, poutine is like gravy fries mixed with the National Dish of Wisconsin: cheese curd. All of the major food groups are represented in this one perfect Canadian food: meat (gravy), dairy (curd), vegetables (fries), warm (served hot).

I asked CRD to bring me back some poutine. I hope he knows what poutine is and doesn't confuse it with that other poo**ng word that means something different.

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