Monday, February 2, 2009

Cool Ranch Canada

What happens today? Well, the plan is to go to work, talk about books a bit, then get on an airplane and go to Canada to talk about books some more!

Why do I like Canada so much? Largely because of the cuisine - faithful readers of this site might recall the time I sampled peameal bacon last summer, revisited in photographic form to the right here.

When I was there a few months ago I discovered "Piment Infernal: Sweet Chili Heat" Brand Doritos. Yum! Only a few weeks ago someone found my blog by googling "Doritos: Canada" (presumably not the same people who googled variations on 'amish pitchfork" last week).

I used to love Doritos more than anything. When I was wee, on Saturday nights my parents would go out and I would have a dinner of one (1) bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and one (1) liter of grape soda, drank from a wine glass. I'd watch Empty Nest, The Golden Girls, and then kill time during Sisters until Saturday Night Live came on. Those were the days.

Anyway, back to Canadians & their Doritos. Why do they love them so much? Why do they invent their own Canadian flavors? I have no idea, any more than I really understand this Canadian Doritos ad:

I'll see if I can't do some research upon landing. Enjoy America while I'm gone!

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