Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Funnies Business Down Under

Sometimes foreigners think they're funny, but they're not.

For example, Little Britain. I sure laughed a lot the first few episodes I saw of this program. However, the show went on for like ten years making the very same jokes again and again. See, Foreigners apparently enjoy seeing the same gag again and again, because then they know when to laugh at the jokes. Otherwise, they don't know what is a joke and what isn't.

The exceptions here are all from the Antipodes. Australia gave us Kath & Kim, and New Zealand gave us Flight Of The Conchords - both very funny programs, both with short enough life spans that we didn't get sick of them.

Australia now has also begat Summer Heights High, an eight episode series set in an Aussie High School. It features those staples of Foreigner Humor: Bad Drag, Mincing Gays, and Making Fun Of The Physically or Mentally Challenged.

Anyway, Amber and I sure like this show. Here's a peak at the Mr. G character, the Mincing Gay Drama Teacher.

We have found this program to be a delightful amuse bouche between episodes of Murder, She Wrote. I think Jessica would like it too.

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Anonymous said...

I heart Summer Heights High! Every once in a while, say in a meeting, I'm tempted to blurt out "Fxxk you, miss."

Oh, Jonah.