Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pop Plus Jazz

I love crossovers. I like when Willie Nelson sings jazz standards, I like when Shirley Bassey covers Pink, I even liked Queen Latifah's Jazz album.

I'm not yet sure how I feel about this news item though. And I'm pretty sure it's not an April Fool's Joke.

Iggy Pop to release jazz album inspired by French novel

After years as a legendary punk icon, Pop has decided to ditch the blistering guitars for a quieter, more jazzy sound. "At one point, I just got sick of idiot thugs with guitars banging out crappy music," the long-haired rocker said.

Last year Pop was tapped to provide the music for a documentary about controversial French author Michel Houellebecq's efforts to create a film based on his book
The Possibility Of An Island (La Possibilité d'une Ile). Pop, who apparently felt a deep-rooted connection with the book, agreed and began work on the music for Last Words.

Preliminaires features seven songs inspired by France, the book and New Orleans jazz.

I'll make my final decision on or about May 18 when the album is released. Based on the opening lyric to the first song, I'm not sure this is one Annie Ross will be covering anytime soon.

I got a smelly rear
I got a dirty nose
I don't want no shoes
I don't want no clothes

Here's the man himself talking about the record.

Thanks Ig!

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