Thursday, April 2, 2009

Of Gaps, Prawns, Worms, & Dogs

Recently, Kevin and Amber went to San Francisco to visit their roost. Kevin's eagle eye (or goose eye?) spotted this sign in the BART system. I don't think they really want you to watch the gap quite this closely.

Then I got to thinking about some of the other random signs still kicking around my jpg files.

This sure made me giggle in South Africa. What exactly is verboten? Is one not allowed to pump prawns and worms? Or are prawns and worms not allowed to pump each other? What does pump mean in this context? I'm glad I don't know.

I liked this one, also from a beach, this time in Australia. They are totally not kidding about dogs being prohibited, apparently.
Signs. Sigh.


ALH said...

Andy Hallet is dead?

CRD said...

Yes, very sad. Click on his face to link to the obit. 33 !

Kevin said...

Scottish Terriers totally prohibited.