Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Past Posters Pique Pleasure in Present

Wow. I just discovered this website here, which is an online exhibition curated by the Library of Congress. It's all WPA posters from 1936 through 1943. You can search by keyword, or browse by subject matter. For quite a few of them you can download full size scans, so I guess you can print them out fancy-style in your home.

I searched for "shark" and got this one, which I suppoose is accurately tagged, though it's really more about pneumonia. Still, I like it.

I found this one about cutie penguins that Kevin might like. I can't tell if they're those gay ones that steal other penguin babies.

Here's a nice one of a hippo.

Here's the obligatory STD poster. There were LOTS of these, but this is the only one which indicated "invalidism" as a side-effect.

Who doesn't love goggles?

This one is for Diana. She likes pretty flowers.

This one is for all of us. Eating fruit also prevents invalidism.

Turns out there was indeed a movie with this name, starring Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart. Still, I giggle like a little perv.

This one is encouraging ladies to not formula-feed.

And finally, here's one about the foreigners. I don't get it, but most of my WW2 history is from movies.

I do suggest checking out the link. But only for when you have lots of time to kill.


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We just don't hear enough about pilot fish these days. God Bless the New Deal.