Monday, April 27, 2009

An Arthur-ian Legend

Bea, I thought you'd outlive us all.

In case you somehow missed it from people Facebook twittering, or you know, the NEWS, we lost another Golden Girl this weekend. Really, what's left to say besides "Aw Crap" ?

I've blogged about Miss Bea Arthur before. On Angela Lansbury's birthday I showed the clip of the two of them singin' & dancin'. Once I posted the clip of her & Rock Hudson singing that song about drugs.

Well, on Saturday, Amber and I dedicated that night's Murder She Wrote to Bea. And this morning I have trolled the internets looking for some good clips to remember her by. Bea, these ones are for you!

Here's a writer from Golden Girls (Marc Cherry?) and Betty White talking about Bea's / the Golden Girls' Gay Appeal:

This clip is a little long, but it's a lovely bit from Golden Girls:

Here's her final TV performance, roasting Pamela Anderson. I actually posted it once before, and another time I blogged about Betty White at Shatner's roast. Still, I think it's worth repeating:

Rest in Peace, Bea. I'm sure Estelle Getty will be waiting on the other side of the River Jordan to welcome her little pussycat home.

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ddb said...

My favorite Bea Arthur memory is one that involves her indirectly. Back when you visited me in SF in early '01, every time I came home and turned on the TV I found that it was turned to the Lifetime Television for Women channel. I figured that you had been watching Golden Girls re-runs while I was at work.

RIP, Bea.