Wednesday, April 22, 2009

These Arms Of Mine; or, Don't Swim In The Tank

I like being on email mailing lists. Largely because I get a sense of satisfaction by deleting them so efficiently from my Inbox each today.

Today I received this email from Criterion Collection.

My first thoughts were to forward it to David, because he loves Science. Then I thought about myself, because I really like Seahorses and Octopi. Then, I clicked on the link and saw an awesome video about octopi doing it. As hard as I look, I can't see where Isabella Rossellini's costume is stitched on. They won't let me embed it, but here's the link - worth viewing.

What I can embed is this awesome video from way back when. The narrative is a little High And Mighty (Sturm und Drang to you foreigners), but it's a pretty awesome spectacle. And a lesson about octopi from which we can all learn.

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