Monday, March 2, 2009

What A Bunch Of Flakes

Seriously? After all that hullabaloo, this is all the snow we get?

Last night I was on the video chat with Amber while she was on hold with Delta on her iPhone and had Kevin on speaker on her BlackBerry as they tried to sort out their flight to San Francisco today (8am canceled, rescheduled for 5pm).

And this AM my boss, who lives in the Westchester, emails to say he's working from home due to the blizzard. And the Post has the not so witty pun headline, "Not Snow Fast."

All this for four inches? (almost sounds like a Mae West quote).

I'm just saying, for this much weather angst, I should be able to go outside and make a little snowman.

On the plus side, I'm going to wear dungarees and go in late to work due to "inclement weather."


Anonymous said...

We get this much snow in Canada and you know what we call it? SUMMER.


ALH said...

I was very non-plussed by the weather on account of sitting on the tarmac for three hours after the initial 8 hour flight delay. But, San Franciscites seem equally flabbergasted by rain. I think humans are just not good at the environment.