Monday, March 16, 2009

Posts-card from the Edge

I feel bad about not blogging on Friday, but I was just too hung over. I know I let the 15-20 of you frequent visitors down, and I apologize. I apologize to you too, person who googles the names of Hortense Calisher short stories and ends up here on accident. I did the best I could to make it up to everyone by live tweetering over the weekend with my activities.

One of the fun things Amber and I did that WASN'T tweeted was watch Postcards From The Edge, starring my pal Shirley MacLaine. I had recently read the novel and really enjoyed it.

Sadly, we weren't so enthralled by the film. Maybe it's because the bar was set so high from our matinee, the weekend's top box office movie? Either way, one thing we did like was ol' Shirl putting her spin on one of our favorite Sondheim songs for Dames.

And so, with apologies to my friend Elaine Stritch, here's a pretty dang good "I'm Still Here."

Thanks, Shirl.

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