Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shamrock O'Shake

Woohoo! They're here!

Well, maybe they're here. They're awfully hard to find.

This website serves as a Shamrock Shake Finder - users can send in updates after Shake spottings - as of today, there have been no reported sightings in NYC.

In my research for today's post, I enjoyed this tidbit here from Wikipedia:

Minty Mudbath Shake
In May/June 2007, McDonalds introduced the "Minty Mudbath" shake to go along with the movie
Shrek the Third. It takes the original Shamrock Shake formula and mixes it with chocolate. On June 23rd, 2007, the product was discontinued by corporate headquarters after several Internet sites revealed that "Minty Mudbath" was the 'underground' reference for a fetishistic act.

I don't know what a Minty Mudbath is, and I fear it will haunt me if I ever learn. Thank God that's nothing Uncle O'Grimacey (surely related to Cookie O'Puss) would talk about in those ads from our youth.



ALH said...

Every year, my dad and I would go out specifically to get a Shamrock shake on St. Patty's Day. Were they mint flavored? I just remember them tasting green.

CRD said...

In a double blind taste test, over 98% of the respondents indicated a subtle mint flavor.


I agree though, I just remember them tasting green.

Anonymous said...

Don't miss the Shamrock Shake Report