Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Amber & CRD's Biznuss

Hello, dear Internals Plural readers. It's me, ALH, sometimes guest blogger for CRD while he is away in Florida. Or is he?

I felt horrible about letting him down yesterday by not getting around to guest blogging, and then I started to ask myself Don't they have Internet in Florida?

I mean, sometimes I blog from Splashing Laundromat, which is, in some ways, way more remote than Florida.

And then I read this article in the Mail Online. And I noticed the "coincidences" just piling up. CRD is "away," "someplace without Internet," and he "doesn't answer his cell phone."

Remind you of anyone? I think by "business trip" CRD means "three day bender with some mountain gorillas." The facts speak for themselves.

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