Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Case Of Mitchell

Recently, my friend Brian tumbled about how easy it is to download an artist's entire discography. He was lamenting, as I do, how this changes the music experience for the Kids These Days.

Specifically, he was talking about snagging the entirety of Joni Mitchell's ouevre in one go. I think it's a crying shame, as I learned about Blue and later Court & Spark and later still Hejira, all three of which I enjoyed immensely as full albums, from start to finish. Now, of course these had all been out for years before my music appreciation awakening happened, but you didn't buy more than one album at a time, at least not on a college student's budget.

One good thing I'll say about the internet and music is that you can risk free - if maybe not so legally - sample some of those horrible tribute albums they do. I'm still a purchaser of the ones for causes - and am glad for the tracks off this month's Dark Was The Night and War Child comps that I bought.

Speaking of Mitchell, I swiped an album of covers of hers that wasn't to benefit anything, and judging by the crummy track list I wasn't so excited until I heard this lovely version of "Carey" by Miss Cyndi Lauper. Is it better than JM's? Nope. Is it pretty great in its own right? Yep.

Thanks, Internet. You too, Cyndi.

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Anonymous said...

You misspelled oeuvre, which is weird because aren't you French?