Monday, March 9, 2009

King of Crap, er, Pop

I was recently alerted to this auction site, where you can see all the lovely things Michael Jackson is hawking from the Neverland Ranch.

Maybe you would like a life-sized Darth Vader model, made of Legos? Estimated price $8,000.

Or these scary Geppetto and Pinocchio dolls? Not as scary as that new book I'm sure, but still frightening. $1500.
Maybe Amber will shell out the $120 for this collection of Shirley Temple memorabilia.

Who wouldn't want a set of Wizard Of Oz Jacks-in-the-Box for only $200?

I'm kinda creeped out by this $600 life size rubber policeman.

I am more creeped out by this life-sized girl doll. $400.

This $1200 replica of boys on a bicycle is a little more freaky.

And yet? This $300 life-size bronze of a young boy in a thong? I have no words.

Thanks Michael, for all the, um, interestingness.

1 comment:

ALH said...

That life-sized girl is definitely supposed to be Shirely Temple. The dress is from the movie I recently saw at Film Forum. It is still Wrong, though.