Friday, March 20, 2009

One Lazy Shade Of Winter

Seriously? On the First Day Of Spring?

F You, Winter.

You too, Groundhog.

And you too, March. "In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb," my fanny.


ALH said...

Dude, we totally blogged the same. WTF, snow?

I love the lion and lamb. You covered this topic with far superior imagery and wit.

Anonymous said...

I bet this team coverage was no accident. I bet you guys have some sort of sophisticated blogging editorial consortium.

CRD said...

It's true, there's a robot feature that just blogs for us.

Also, I tried to do the fire escape / snow picture too but my pics didn't come out good at all.

Peas in the same cold pod. Snow peas!

ALH said...

Actually both of our blogs are produced by a bunch of chimps in a room typing on Dell laptops. Every now and then something almost sensible is output and it posts to our blogs.