Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zach vs. Zach - Plus Shorty

So this weekend my little buddy Zach came to stay with me for a spell. And yet, the weekend before, I was visited by a different Zach - my nephew.

He seemed to like my new place just fine, and unlike his mom and pop, he didn't mind all the stairs. Mostly he wanted to be on the floor, where he kind of pushed himself around on his belly. Whatever, Baby.

He did have something in common with his elder namesake though - they both seem to like Shorty an awful lot.

I'd bet if you asked people which Zach tried to eat Shorty, they'd guess the wrong one.

Kitty Zach mostly likes to curl up with Shorty for naps.

Which Zach does Shorty prefer? Maybe he'll tell Kevin next time he gets a Shoulder Ride.

Me? I like all my Zachs. And Shorty. And Kevin.


Kevin said...

God! Bless! Short! Y!

ALH said...

Whoa. Kevin just raised the punctuation game to a whole new level.