Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Divine Misses M & G

So last night I watched Miss Kathy Griffin's latest program, which I liked a lot. She's funny, sassy, irreverent, and apparently channeling my good self. Last night she had dinner with Bette Midler, at which they called Stevie Nicks, then later they went for a stroll and Griffin referenced Cybill Shepherd breaking the fourth wall on Moonlighting. I ask you, could I have done any better?

Probably not, and I sure couldn't have done better than the clip below. Griffin asked Midler about a lot of things, one of them was the time that she, Flip Wilson, and Elton John guested on the premiere episode of the Cher show. Now, as an avid corporate member of the "Museum" of Television and Radio I have spent a good amount of time searching through their library, and I actually watched this episode a few years back. You watch the programs while sitting in a little cubicle with headphones on, library-style; as I recall my laughter was so loud I was afraid I'd get kicked out.

Herewith, a musical number.

I sure do wish someone good would bring back the variety hour.

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ALH said...

Flip sure gets alot of applause. And he sure likes balloons. Ah, drug abuse.