Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Place, Meet Zach. Zach, Meet New Place

One thing I like about Zach is everything. Another, is when he visits me at the new place.

Last night we had a good two hours of exploring, going back and forth through rooms he had just visited, mumbling in kitty speak the whole time. Paul and Ty came over for Chinese food, so he had good company the whole time.

Then, he perched on the window sill as if that's all he'd ever known.

This is the current view as I drink my morning coffee and tippy-tappy on the keyboard.

Oh, and one thing I learned? I had feared he would try to climb up the chimney and it'd end in tears like poor Phoebe Cates' dad in Gremlins. He did no climbing, but his poking around in there (and looking up to the heavens) sure produced some dirty paws.

The solution?

Thanks again, Fresh Direct!

1 comment:

ALH said...

That is very clever. Still, you need to get a squirrel board. If only to prevent squirrels from coming in and meeting Zach.