Monday, June 22, 2009

Old Broads, New Tricks

One thing I always like to do on Sundays is catch up with my Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore alumni.

First, I read the "Night Out With" column in the Times with Betty - she had a nice zinger about Bob Redford.

“Is there anything left that you would really like to do?”

“Robert Redford,” Ms. White answered instantaneously.

Then I read a bit with her old pal & costar Cloris Leachman in New York Magazine. She didn't have all the one-liners that Betty did, but I enjoyed the bit anyway. More than I enjoyed her memoir, frankly.

Anyway, here's Betty White on Chelsea Handler.

Oh, and here she is playing beer pong with Mr. Jimmy Fallon, if that's not enough BW for you.

Let's see if that's enough to get us through Monday.


ALH said...

It's no secret that I have long been a fan of Jimmy Fallon's product, earnest, bumbling nice guy. But I really like his show exactly for stuff like this. He has Betty White on the show and his writers decide that they are going to play beer pong? Genius.

Is Ms. White pushing a product other than her usual, earnest surprisingly filthy-mouthed elder? She sure is making the talk show (and blog) circuit.

CRD said...

I like the music they play in the background too.

She's promoting that movie she's in with Ryan Reynold's Abs and Jim J. Bullock's daughter. I put it in my Netflix queue for us.

Truly, if you hire Betty White for your movie, you are going to get your money's worth out of her promoting it. Not that she seems to be mentioning the movie in any of these clips.