Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rus in Urbe Club

If you are looking for me tonight, you can find me on the Lower East Side picking up all my vegetables at Rus In Urbe Club. What is Rus In Urbe, you say?

It's Foreign for "Eating Vegetables From Upstate While In Manhattan."

Kevin taught us all about Rus In Urbe Club a few Sundays ago, but I was mostly focused on his cool new sneakers and didn't pay as much attention as maybe I should have.

Basically I know that I show up in the park tonight with a bunch of empty bags, and then I leave with a bunch of vegetables. And then I put on my most attractive outfit and cook them up yum.

Bring it on, Rus!


ALH said...

This might be my favorite blog post ever.

Kevin said...

This morning I thought: What if your CRD initials stood for Courtroom Drama? Wouldn't that be a cool name?

ALH said...

I think that you should be wearing socks with shorts in that picture at the bottom. I think that would go nice with your upper body outfit.

Who is Googling crd alh? Is that you, Kevin?