Monday, June 8, 2009

Elements of Surprise

This weekend Kevin asked me what asked me what surprised me most about my new apartment.

Was there a flightpath overhead? A ghost in the walls? Flash flooding?

No, it was that when it rained really hard all day on Friday, the elements crept into my place.

And then, when you look up? You can see the Heavens.

I think it's going to be REALLY easy for Santa to come in this year!

While I was searching the internet for ways to have this fixed, I came across this youtube video of a Hummel figurine of a chimney sweep rescuing a cat. The internet, apparently, has everything.


ALH said...

Squirrels! I totally brought this to your attention!

Unknown said...

don't mean to be a "damper" but I think you're gonna get the "flue." oh my god, i just made that up!