Monday, December 29, 2008

Worker Bee Ennui

And so here I am at work! What a treat.

I can't complain, because I'm only working 2 days out of the final 2 weeks of December - last Monday, and today.

Today I am focusing on cleaning out my office, same as I did on a December day last year. The junk I have collected over the past year is massive.

Oprah and Peter Walsh tell me that my Physical Clutter turns into Emotional Clutter (and fat!)

Here are a few of the treats I've found so far, and I've only been at it an hour.

An Irish £10 note. Ireland switched to the Euro in 2001, and I'm not sure how much this would be worth even if it was worth anything.

This appears to be an Elephant Incense holder. I don't like incense, and while Elephants are fine and all, they're not my favorites anyway.

A ticket stub to a Willie Nelson concert I went to on November 17th 2005, at the Beacon Theater. Huh.

And last bit of the day from the desk drawer: a stuffed shark, a rosary, a "Keep This Coupon" coupon (I did!), a bandaid, and the business card of someone who retired.



Tinsel Shrimpfax said...

Willie Nelson? Was it fabulous?

CRD said...

You know, he was pretty good. He had just turned 70 and I figured I needed to see him before he got too Old. He was definitely better than his opening act, the crap-factory Ryan Adams. And I dare say he was better than Liza. There was definitely less huffing and - irony alert! - less puffing.

Tinsel Shrimpfax said...

I'm fairly certain it wouldn't be too hard to be better than Liza... unless you're really into hearing dreary inspirational anecdotes about closets.

Anonymous said...

Please fedex stuffed shark to Canada. I'd like to have him as a friend.


ALH said...

May I have the elephant? I have insense, but nothing to burn it in.

ALH said...

May I have the elephant? I have insense, but nothing to burn it in.

CRD said...

But I sold the Elephant in order to buy you all that incense!