Monday, December 15, 2008

Cats Burglar

What's up with the Bad Kitties?

You may have read this article here about Frankie, the British Kitty who steals things. In the last year or so, Frankie has snuck out his cat-door during the day and stolen about 35 stuffed animals / cat toys from the neighbours.

My favorite line:

'He's been going out of the house and coming back with all these toys for pretty much as long as he's been allowed out. 'They're all soft toys for cats I think. About 15 of them are all the same leopard. He doesn't really play with them. He dumps them down and goes out looking for something else.'

Who keeps buying the same leopard for his/her cat even though it's now gone missing fifteen times?

And then just a day after was this story here, about a bobcat mauling Santa!

I mean, really? You have a bobcat for a pet? AND you take it to Petsmart to get its picture with Santa? And it attacks him? And you FLEE?

It makes me a little wary of Zach these days. I sure hope he never turns Evil.


Tinsel Shrimpfax said...

If a secret santa were to give that precious kitty an Emperor Palpatine costume or a General Zod outfit, would you let the kitty wear it?

CRD said...

I think he would absolutely LOVE it. Or hate it, but it'd be a learning experience for all involved.