Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thunder! Cats!

Yesterday was my only work-day this week, and I sure was a grump. I think the end of the year brings out everyone's Crazies, and the end of a bad year even more so.

Well here's one funny thing the end of the year has brought us.

For the most part I don't like going to the movies in NYC - most of the big theatres are filled with dummies who text during the movie, or talk, or otherwise disrupt the tableau vivant in front of me. And then the arty cinemas, which feature a lot of the movies I like, often have screens smaller than the one in front of my couch, or sound issues, or old men who grump about imaginary offenses, or all of these things.

But really, the best thing about seeing something on the big screen? The previews.

Here's a preview that some buddies cooked up for an imaginary big screen adaptation of The ThunderCats, the 1985 animated series. TC were a band of Kitty-Men and Women who would fight crime and injustice.

This here trailer takes bits and pieces of recent Over The Top Blockbusters and kitty-izes them. I think it's genius.

Thanks, Strange Copyright Infringers!

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ALH said...

Thunder Cats, ho!

I love super heroes who are cats.