Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Tale of Two Moussaka-teers (with Tears)

This is a story of what happens when two friends celebrate Labor Day by having some fun cookery times on the Sunday night.

Brian and I have cooked before, and we've cooked since, but I haven't documented our adventures in a while. Fortunately, this time our recipe didn't call for any chilis, so no one's privates got scalded.

Brian found this moussaka recipe on the internets, so we decide to give it a go.

Herewith our ingredients. My portion was purchased on the day of at my local Trader Joe's; Brian's portion was made with love the night before.

First thing you do, you take massive $1.49 TJ's eggplants and stripe them.

Also, you chop the onions. Even though I wasn't the chopper I had tears coming down my face worse than at the end of Pete's Dragon.

This photo illustrates a recurring mishap now that I finally own a sharp knife. Blood in the tomato water.

Also, never do this.

Here Brian demonstrates onion stirring. See the Vornado on the floor behind him? Helped with the weeping.

Then, the tomatoes got plopped in. We were near to overflowing.

Meanwhile, the eggplant was all cubed up...

...and then added to the tomato onion mix. As you can see, we had to split up the portions. I really need to use that BB&B coup and pick up a larger pan.

I don't have a lid for the cast iron pan, but my cheapie nonstick Ikea pan fits right on top!

Almost done!
To wit, our servings:

I ended up combining mine because I liked how all the flavors danced together in my mouth.

Et, voila. Enjoyment!

And that, is what Moussaka Friendship is all about.

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Brian said...

Wait, I srsly am always making us cook eggplant. Next time you are picking everything!