Friday, September 24, 2010

Debbie Reynolds Victorious

When I was born, my mother was given anaesthesia because in those days they didn't have epidurals (I always thought that they would make an epidural that would work from the neck up, which was a condition I aspired to for most of what I laughingly referred to as my adult life). Anyway, so my mother was unconscious. Now, my mother is a beautiful woman -- she's beautiful today in her 70s so at 24 she looked like a Christmas morning. So all the doctors were all buzzing around her pretty head, saying "Oh, Look at Debbie Reynolds asleep - how pretty." And my father, upon seeing me start to come through - crown with all the placenta and everything else (ugh) - my father fainted dead away. So now all the nurses ran over to him, saying "Oh look, there's Eddie Fisher, the crooner, on the ground! Let's go look at him!" So when I arrived, I was virtually unattended! And I've been trying to make up for that fact ever since.

- from Wishful Drinking (my copy is signed!)

of all these characters, who'd a thought Debbie, Liz, and Carrie would outlive Eddie Fisher, the Crooner?

Rest in Peace, sir.

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Debbie Reynolds looks amazing in that photography. What a good one...