Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Das Eilend of Lost Toys

So in a few short weeks I'll be off to Germany, and what will I do there?

Well, talk about books a lot, but I will have a fun weekend, Berlin-Style, so hopefully I can find these toys to bring back for every for everyone on my Weihnachten List.

Apparently, they are designed as educational toys to teach about mental illness. Whether they're for children learning about illnesses or patients, I'm not clear. Either way, they're sure to provide me with hours of fun!

There's Dub, eine Schildkröten suffering from das Depression.

Kroko, eine Alligator with Gestaltzerfall. And a cute pillow!
My favorite though is this sweet slow Flusspferde. Lilo here has, according to the website, been focusing exclusively on this jigsaw puzzle for months now and has not been speaking to anyone. He needs meine Hilfen!
God Bless You, nutty Germans. I'm excited for all your toys.

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ALH said...

What about the sheep? What's her woe?