Monday, July 19, 2010

Un Sueno de Espana

Recently, Brian went on a European Adventure, of which I am very jealous. Back in the day before Publishing started going RIP fast, I used to travel to London a few times a year, and would almost always take a budget flight or Chunnel ride over to The Continent for some mirth & adventure.

Spain was always one of my favorite stops. My favorite things? The Museo de Jamon (now THAT is a museum that can finally rival the MT&R), Fanta Limon, and the Caja Madrid bear.

Culture? Well, I do love the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum. It's small, well curated, and has some of my favorite arts in it.

One of my favorites is Franz Marc's The Dream. Some people think I've never even heard of "Art," but whatever to them.

If you knew me back when I lived on Tiemann Place, you'd know I had a copy of it above my bed. I wonder sometimes where I put that.

(hi Marcus!)

If you know me today, you know I have the postcard of it on my door.

And also that I have it on a coffee cup.


In conclusion, I sure do like this painting, and I sure am jealous of (and happy for) Brian's Continental Jaunt.


Brian said...

I totally missed the coffee mugs!

ALH said...

Hi, Alligator. I hate Art.