Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Times And Bum Times

Reposting from Gothamist, but what else are you supposed to do with Stritchy news?
Dame Elaine sang at the White House for the President. From an audience member's tweet:

Stritch forgetting the lyrics to “I’m Still Here,” her musical director screaming the lyrics at her multiple times, and ultimately making them go back (was actually painful, endearing and unique all at once — kinda like Stritch). Then getting a standing ovation led by the Obamas and clearly apologizing to them afterward.

And then the WaPo reported:

Stritch "pleaded guilty to a whopping case of nerves, reported how thrilled she was when Obama was elected and then said, 'I'd love to get drunk with the president.' After the whoops subsided, she added diplomatically: 'And the first lady.' "

As Stritchy herself reported earlier this year, it's an easy song to flub.

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