Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthday! Puss!

Who has no thumbs and is six years old today?

That's right, this guy!

As everyone knows, Zach is the bestest.

At night, he curls up tight so he doesn't miss a thing, in case I decide to suddenly wake up at 2am for hallwalks or noms.

When we watch programs, he hovers over my shoulder enjoying both my company and Mrs. Fletcher's.

And most of all? Every now and then, he cuddles up, usually in those moments when Photobooth photography is flattering to only one of us.

Happy Birthday, little buddy!


ALH said...

Happy Birthday, Zachariah Overton!

Also, thanks for covering up your boob tips, CRD.

Kevin said...

You will always be interesting-colored to me, Zachy-puss.