Friday, July 16, 2010

Moon, June, Lorna Doone

Here's what June 2010 looked like over here at Internals Plural: I used wordle to make a little cloud of my brain droppings:

Also, when people came here on accident last month, here's what they were looking for:
  • bedknobs broomsticks
  • betty white
  • betty white victorious (2 folks for that phrase!)
  • canadian dish (did they mean this or this?)
  • farley granger hairy (I'm not really sure if he was or not, but Monty sure was a hirsute buddy)
  • l-m-n-o-pee
  • montgomery clift
  • montgomery clift hairy
  • natalie wood spanking (dirty! this is what I found when I googled that)
  • picture of matrilineal family (here's one)
  • pooteens (dirty)
  • shark internals
  • sirotan

People looking for help with their plurals needed these words:
  • what is the plural of town?
  • plural for tab
  • plural of betty
  • plural of revenge
  • honey plural

In conclusion, June was a nice month, except very, very hot.

Here's some June Carter Cash to bring us home, with a fun little ditty that SOUNDS dirty (like poutine), but isn't, unlike pooteen.

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Jonathan said...

Did you see hoe Tab Hunter was involved in the Natalie Wood spank?