Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Month of Gwendolyn, Ernest, & Boobs

So I was looking at what brought people here accidentally in January 2012. In addition to the usual hunts for Nureyev (I can't really be one of the top sites), sirotan, Tab Hunter, and ashera cats, there were some other bits and bobs.
Over 30 people googled either "Jennifer Runyon" or "Gwendolyn Pierce" or some variant. People sure love her. No way to tell if they were looking for her from the first version of Charles In Charge or the reboot.

Who was looking for "Amish Borgnine"? I sure hope you found this post, which combines both of these stars of screen.

Speaking of combining stars of screen, watch, out Lee Marvin:

A lot of people sure are looking for the boobs of the great dames I write about. Specifically:
  • grace jones breasts disney pics
  • kate bush boobs
  • katherine helmond breasts
  • liza minnelli boobs
  • mary tyler moore tits
  • stevie nicks bare breasts
  • tuesday weld boobs
Sorry bros, can't help you.

and also some random boobs searches:
  • large boobs wetsuit
  • boobs crochet pattern
I wonder if you could crochet a wet suit for large boobs. Or maybe make one for one of the afore-mentioned dames. Internet.

Oh, and someone googled this:
  • barbara eden five weeks in a balloon movie photos
Um, which lead me to this:

I had no idea. It's one of those all-star (defined broadly) cast romps popular at the time, I guess, like It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World or Poseidon Adventure. What? Five weeks in a balloon with Barbara Eden and Red Skelton. I guess.

Anyway, Happy Feb. The End.

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