Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Friendship, Meat, & Balls

So the other day I was at work, doing what I always do, which is write books all day and think about them.

On this particular day, I was writing a book about MEATBALLS. If there's one thing I like, it's meatballs. And puns, especially puns about balls. Who else likes puns? Evan!

So, I got on the horn to him and we made some plans. Cookery! With Balls!

First, we got all the ingredients. We were going to make lamb balls, but I guess all the little baby lambs that day got to grow up to be sweaters, and instead we got cow meat.

Here's all the ingredients, including the wine and Evan's left hand:

First thing you do, you mix up the meat and the ingredients to make the balls.

Mix mix mix!

Action shot:
Aeriel shot!

Sometimes maybe it is tempting to eat the one giant ball, but it is ill-advised.

Temperance won out, and Evan made lots of little balls for eating:

Then we packed 'em all up! Nice and snug, balls in a rug.

Oh! And special homemade pisketti sauce, from that place.

Extra prancing, that's what makes it taste so good.

In conclusion: balls!



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